We enable sustainable development through collaboration

Development Goals Forum is a small team of driven changemakers who strive to create meaningful partnerships between businesses, youth, civil society and officials, to build a sustainable future for all.

Development Goals Forum Innovation Program

Join Development Goals Forum and Sparebank 1 Østlandet for a one-day online event dedicated to SDG12: Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Through guided workshops, seminars, and debates, we will dive deep into topics such as green mobility and sustainable finance. The purpose is to share knowledge, find solutions, and take action for a better future. The time of the event is 27 April – save the date!

Forum 2021 DGF

Our programs are tailored to create much-needed dialogue about the challenges that affect us all

Development Goals Forum, VR project

Innovation program

The program enables businesses and young innovators to form partnerships for greater impact and change.

Development Goals Forum, Forum, DGF


The forum is packed with events tailored to encourage knowledge sharing and discussions about how we can work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals - SDG

The achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals requires bold and targeted action. In the race to achieve the SGDs by 2030, DGF seeks to be a supporting force for innovative solutions. By fostering partnerships with youth, private sector, civil society and officials, we will create more impact, greater sustainability and more value to all.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are unprecedented in their ambition to overcome global challenges. They recognise that the challenges we face are interconnected and all societal actors have a role to play in ending deprivations, improving health and education, reducing inequality and conserving the environment.

Learn more about each SDG

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Our Partners

At the core of our work lies the need for partnerships with the private sector, civil society and officials. Our partnerships are built upon a shared vision and shared goals about making the future better for people and the planet.