The aim of the innovation program is to meet the expectations and needs of the business community, while ensuring sustainable business practices and long-term cooperation.

Development Goals Forum (DGF) offers an innovation program to businesses with the aim of promoting sustainable development for the future. We wish to give young students and professionals the opportunity to use their knowledge and competence in projects that will have real positive impact, at the same time as they will be able to make connections with important societal actors. The participating businesses will be able to connect with potential future employees, which ensures the company that the baton is placed in the right hands for the future.

Development Goals Forum Innovation Program

By engaging top talents in problems solving and co-creation activities and by providing the support to bring the best ideas to life

We aim to solve your sustainability problems as well as giving businesses the opportunity to set a new industry standard. By participating in the program, businesses will be able to lead by example and send an important message about their commitment to issues of social significance and sustainability.

The structure of the innovation program

The participating business will present a case which will be solved by the students and young professionals. This case will be designed in collaboration with DGF and YSI (our innovation partner), to ensure that the case is connected to the company’s business strategy. We will push to create solutions that are implementable and have a long-term impact. Furthermore, the cases should not only be aimed at value creation in the company, but also linked to one or more of the sustainability goals, and have a positive impact on society.

DGF will recruit and organise interdisciplinary teams of students and young professionals that will solve the cases, with guidance from expert mentors. The business can choose the size of the teams, however, we recommend teams of 5 or 6. The business is also invited to choose which disciplines the young participants will have their backgrounds from. By including young professionals and students, we ensure that their influence and ideas are recognized, and they gain access to a valuable network in sustainability and innovation.

Trusted by businesses

The sustainability goals must be seen in context

We invite larger Norwegian or international companies with a large presence in Oslo / Norway to join this program. It is essential for the innovation program that the sustainability goals are linked to the company’s own strategy, values ​​and business model. Most companies will have a sustainability strategy, CRS or other social and environmental responsibilities and reporting systems. DGF wants the program to be anchored in the company’s sustainability strategy in order for the result to deliver optimally. We often talk about each sustainability goal separately, but the sustainability goals must be seen in context to be solved. Companies should know which goals they can have the greatest impact towards, but it is important that it does not limit the aim of the program. DGF will naturally give companies free rein to choose sustainability goals, and assists in the process for an optimal return.


Ongoing cases

Our cases are designed to challenge the participants to solve business problems while at the same time yielding results towards one or more of the SDGs. Read about the ongoing cases below and stay tuned to follow them from initiation to implementation

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